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Trust Services

The trust strongly desires cancers be prevented and if they occur they be picked up early. To bring about it carries out cancer awareness programs extensively.  According to the  type of audience and their priority programs are tailored and you can request the trust for any of the programs listed below by contacting the trust offices. All these programs are conducted free of cost. The sessions can be conducted in English, Tamil, Hindi & Marathi languages.

  1. General cancer awareness: This talk enlists the common risk factors for cancer, the presenting features, the diagnosis and treatment of cancers and finally ways & means to prevent cancer. This usually last for 45 minutes to one hour and given to audiences wherein there are men and women. At the end the men are sent out women are shown breast self exam video
  2. Cancer in women : This talk is conducted by lady volunteers . Details of breast cancer, Uterine Cervix cancer & ovarian cancer are given out. At the end breast self exam is demonstrated on a hand held model & breast self exam video is shown. The program lasts for one hour .
  3. Breast Cancer awareness: The session is conducted by trained lady volunteers. Incidence, risk factors, clinical presentation, treatment & preventive steps of breast cancer is dealt with. At the end breast self exam video is shown and Breast self exam taught on a hand held model. The session last for about one hour.
  4. Pudhuvasantham : Herein women in small groups ( less than 5 members ) are taught the basics of breast cancer & breast self exam taught on a hand held model. At the end a questionnaire is to be filled by the women who were educated. The session lasts for 15 minutes
  5. Anti tobacco campaign in offices/ factories : Men & women are detailed about the ill effects of tobacco use  and detection of oral premalignant conditions are taught. The session lasts for 45 minutes
  6. Cancer Free tomorrow campaign in schools : Children from 6 – 8th std are educated about the role of Diet , exercise & tobacco in causing cancers. Preventive methods are listed out. The session lasts for 30 minutes.


To ease early detection cancer screening camps are held regularly at Vasantha Memorial cancer centre Mumbai

  1. Pap Smear camps :  Held every Wednesday & Friday from 2 – 4 pm
  2. Oral cancer detection ; Every Sunday from 11 am  -1 pm

Besides these regular features camps can be requested at your premises in Mumbai by contacting the office


Screening camps are held during anniversaries of Vasantha Memorial Cancer Cenre in the 3rd or the 4th Sunday of every August

Mammograms : Mammograms with Breast ultrasound is offered at concessional rate of Rs.600/- throughout the year. The centre can be approached for availing this facility


Chemotherapies are administered at Vasantha Memorial Cancer Centre, Chennai at highly discounted prices under expert supervision in a well equipped ward on an outpatient basis

Patients with Blood cancers, Breast cancers, cancers of stomach , colon , rectum, & uterus & ovary are treated here on a regular basis .  Radiation facilities are not available

All chemotherapy drugs are given a minimum of 20% discount. And this increases upto 100% depending on the cancer, its stage, financial conditions of the patient & family support

For Surgery & radiation it has tie up with several hospitals which give heavy discount in the fees.


Poor & needy with cancer are supported at Tata Memorial & KEM hospitals. There are help desks at each of the hospitals where our volunteers sit. Else the patient can approach the office directly and seek assistance.


Patients living anywhere can approach the trust for support of treatment. If they qualify our criteria for support , then assistance is rendered in the form of chemotherapy drugs.  Radiation costs are directly sent to the hospitals. Surgery cost is seldom supported and money is never given

The trust aims to get cancer victors back to normal & useful people in the community. It assists patients in several ways besides supporting treatment. Support is given as follows

  1. Education : Schools fees is paid one term or more directly as cheque to the school
  2. Technical education : Semester fees for a maximum of two terms are paid as cheque to the school
  3. Pension. Men & women above 65 years are given Rs. 600/ – per month for one year in a stretch. They have apply again to avail this facility for the next year
  4. Marriage Expense : One time contribution of a maximum of Rs.10,000/- is given to the needy victors
  5. Vocational Support : People with skills in handicrafts are provided raw material and taught how to make handicrafts and paid for the products on a per piece basis. In addition some people are provided equipment like sewing machine etc.

Cancer victors can contact the trust office if they desire to avail of any the facilities listed above.