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Music with mission

To associate good things in life with cancer & gather likeminded in the fight against cancer Music with Mission The Trust is a volunteer based organization and believes that the community should get together to route out cancer. To gather the likeminded for the crusade against cancer it has employed music has its tool. Since

Vasantham Awareness at Grass Roots

To dissipate basic info about cancer in villages Vasantham was a project launched by us to reach awareness to villagers right at their door step. It began on 1st June 2003 at Karai Gounden palayam, Annur taluk ,Coimbatore district. And first talk was given under a large Pipal tree. The team that went often to

Pap smear project

Ease early detection of second common cancer seen in Indian women Pap-Paap Nahin ..varda hai -Pap Smear Project – Suppported By AID, Chicago chapter One thousand women screened in 9 months ( Pap meaning Pap smear, is not a curse but a blessing ) An initiative by Vasantha Memorial Trust to screen for cervix cancer

Cancer Free Tomorrow

Motivate children to make tomorrow cancer Free      

Aayiram Mammogram

To make women above 40 years atleast undergo one baseline mammogram The ideology in the world today is to create Breast consciousness among women. This means a lady needs to be educated everything about her breast and the diseases that can arise in it and importantly stop with that. Do not ask them to do


Teach breast cancer basics & self exam on a one on one basis Phase 1 – 30 months & 37,000 women reached , Phase 2 – 20,000plus Pudhu Vasanatham – meaning new spring – is a project to reach breast cancer awareness and teach breast self exam on a one to one basis. This will