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World Cancer Day -Paint contest


  • Start Date:2017-02-05
  • End Date:2017-02-05
  • Start Time:10:00
  • End Time:12:00
  • Location:Chennai


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On the spot paint contest on 5th  Feb 17 to mark world cancer day

It is one of the aims of Vasantha Memorial trust , which the champions the cause of cancer since 1993 ,to usher in “ a cancer free tomorrow “. To reinforce the facts that it has disseminated round the year to lakhs of school children ,every year it holds an on the spot paint contest to mark the world cancer day .


This year the paint contest will be held on Sunday ,  5th Feb 2017 at 10 am at Rosary Matriculation SchoolSanthome. Vehicle parking is organized at the adjacent Raphael School compound , the approach to this place is from Kutchery  Road, Mylapore.


The theme chosen this year Games & exercises keep cancer away “.Today nearly 40% of school children are fat and lack of physical activity greatly contributes to this . But physical activity is required for proper development of the body, relaxation of mind and expulsion of impurities from tissues. Lack of exercise & accumulation of fat increases the risk of cancer.  In an attempt to make them aware about these factors we have chosen this topic this year. Children need to paint on the spot on this theme & give a suitable caption. Children will be divided in 3 categories, class I – IV, V- VII, VIII upwards.


School can send 3 entries in each category. These names have to be entered in the enclosed form & sent to our office on or before 31st  Jan 17. You can also email us at vasanthamemorial@gmail.com . Further clarifications can be sought at 24717871 / 77, 97910-48379 or 98940 -89379


The Trust desires that every school in the city participates and their children motivated to bring about a cancer free tomorrow.