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nalam ayiram

Nalam Aayiram


  • Start Date:2017-08-02
  • End Date:
  • Start Time:09:00
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  • Location:Chennai


  • Organized by:Vasantha Memorial trust
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The Vasantha Memorial Trust which has been championing the cause of cancer since 1993 and has sponsored the treatment of over 2000 patients with varied cancers is launching a special scheme to help with patients with Chronic Myeloid leukemia , a common type of blood cancer .


Chronic myeloid leukemia is a common type of blood cancer which affects people of all ages.  A drug called ‘ Imatinib “ has revolutionized the treatment by bringing the disease under total control. But the hitch is that it has to be taken lifelong .( only recently has an attempt made in some countries to stop the drug and evaluate patients)


Imatinib is available in India under several brands and in the price range from  Rs 6,500 to 13,500  for a month’s course. Not many can afford this amount which is recurring expense all life.


Through the “ Nalam Aayiram , well being in a thousand “  scheme the Vasantha Memorial trust will provide a month’s course of Imatinib 400mg at Rs. 1000/- irrespective of financial status of the patient. In addition consultations with Hematologist  & Complete blood count once in3 months will also be free.


Those wanting to avail this facility can contact Vasantha memorial Cancer Centre, No.33. 35th St, Ashok Nagar , Chennai -83, Ph : 24717871 or 9791048379.