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Cancer Victors’ Day

In a country of billion voters, 40 million are affected by cancer at any point of time. Barely 10- 20% of them receive adequate treatment and only 4 out 10 of thus treated are cured. n effect only 2 out of 100 cancer affected reach reach the status of a  “ Cancer Victor “. . Indeed these triumphant individuals need a celebration

“There is life after cancer “ and world gets it known most emphatically on the “Cancer Victors’ day “.This year this day will be celebrated  by the trust in 2nd weekend of Feb Every Year.

The celebration of this day has a great importance for the cancer victors, cancer affected & all those involved in the care & emancipation of cancer affected. The very sight of these victors assembled on stage that day & they lighting a lamp to signify their rebirth after cancer generates immeasurable amounts of Hope & inspiration.

We from the trust desire that these men & women who spur the spirit of life in us, should be given a befitting felicitation and the event also generates fuel to usher more who are cancer affected to the world of cure .. This year you can also hail these victors with our

Frequently asked questions on Cancer Survivors Day

  1. Who is Cancer Survivor: A person who has completed 4 or 5 years (Depending upon the cancer he / she had) is considered cured of cancer. Such persons are called cancer survivors
  2. Why a cancer survivor’s day: Many of us carry a notion that cancer means death. Cancer Survivors Day Cancer enables to gather survivors in hundreds. Seeing them in flesh & blood assures persons on treatment that they too can win over cancer. When the world sees such a big congregation they too start believing that there is life after cancer.
  3. Why a celebration: Fighting against cancer is one of the most of the tough things to do. This fight is fought by the jointly by the affected person and a big group that includes relatives, friends , well wishers & medical personnel. A victory in such a massive fight definitely needs a celebration.
  4. When is cancer survivors’ day celebrated in India : It is celebrated on the second Saturday of February in India. The needs to hold in 3 cties and it schedules them as : 1st Sinday at Coimbatore, 2nd Saturday at Mumbai and  2nd Sunday at Chennai
  5. Who can participate: Cancer survivors with an accompanying person can enroll with
    Trust and participate in it.
  6. Who else can participate: People undergoing treatment are also invited to get inspired.
  7. Can a person not affected with Cancer participate : Yes .
    It can be in the following manner :
  • You can help us to locate survivors and invite them for the event.
  • Be a sponsor for the program
  • The survivors are felicitated that day Lot of gifts is given to them on this occasion. You can be a donor of gifts to these persons.
  • It is a celebration and lot of entertainment goes on. You could present a dance, a song, mimicry or skit and make the survivors happy. Laughter generally is the theme.
  • You could use your creative skills and decorate the venue for the celebration.
  1. What actually happens at the function: Volunteers get to the place by 7 am. Survivors start arriving by 8 am and they along with the volunteers decorate the hall with streamers, flowers and rangoli. Around 9.30 am this is completed and the program begins with an invocation. Then an invited guest accompanied by the youngest and oldest survivor light the ceremonial lamp. All survivors then light a candle symbolizing the birth of a new life, a life that is sans cancer. Then on there is entertainment by survivors, guests and others. Interspersed amongst the cultural program cancer survivors relate their tale of triumph. Celebrities and other important people come and felicitate these warriors and commend them on their victory over the mother of all battles. The program ends with presentation of gifts and lunch
  2. Cancer Survivors day & Vasantha Memorial Trust. The trust began conducting this program in the year 2001 and since then it is regular annual event at 3 cities Coimbatore, Chennai & Mumbai.  In the first year when it conducted the program there were only 24 survivors and over the years it has gathered more & more and in the last years it limits it registrations to 500 .
  3. Where can I learn about the last year’s program and also collect more details about
    the trust. : You may contact any of our trust offices or simply log on www.vasanthamemorial.com
    and learn more details. The highlights of all the previous years are given there.
  4. Should survivors enroll for attending the program : Survivors wanting to participate have to necessarily register with the trust 2 weeks prior to the event. They have to state their personal details, their diagnosis with supporting evidence and have also to state the number of years that they have completed after the end of their treatment.
  5. What about volunteers. This is an event with restricted entry to protect patient privacy. Only a limited number of volunteers are permitted to participate .They have to register with trust well in advance. They should understand the sentiments of survivors and no photography is permitted .
  6. For further details of Chennai program contact : Trust offices at individual cities  or email
    to vasanthamemorial@gmail.com

Survivor Stories

Breast Cancer Survivors


  1. Dr.V.N. Acharya
  2. Jaishree
  3. Kanti ,Bihar,
  4. Leela Menon
  5. Minal Vaidya
  6. Mrs. A from Dahanu
  7. Navamani Ramanathan
  8. Nirmala
  9. Pushpa Gore , Pune
  10. Radha Uma Maheshwaran
  11. Rajini
  12. Shakuntala Jagadish .
  13. Varsha
  14. Varsha Joshi ,
  15. Vasantha ,
  16. Vijaya
  17. Vishaka Manjrekar  
Other Cancers

  1. Periyabodhu Palaniswamy – Surviving Lung cancer
  2. Venugopal – Surviving Urinary Bladder cancer
  3. Vishwanath _ Surviving Blood cancer
  4. Sathish – surviving Blood cancer
  5. Vijaya Kanhare  – Surviving Ovarian cancer
  6. Mrs A, Indore – Surviving Thyroid cancer
  7. Mrs. LC  – surviving Cervical cancer
  8. Ramneek wig – Surviving Hodgkin’s lymphoma