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Breast Cancer Awareness

 Breast Cancer Awareness

The Vasantha Memorial Trust has lined up programs to mark “October “ the month of breast cancer awareness. It is claimed that the incidence in India is 1 out of 56 women by some agencies and a few have estimated the incidence in cities like Mumbai to be around 1 out of 35 women. There is no doubt that the incidence of this disease is rapidly rising and the important women made factors that have led to this is urbanization, obesity, lack of adequate exercise and smoking.

In India it is a cancer that tops the list with respect to numbers, 10 % of all cancers seen in India is Breast cancer. If 3% of Indian population is said to have cancer at any point of time, then there would be 33 lakh women with breast cancer. And close to 80 % of these women are going to be diagnosed in advanced stages wherein mortality is going to be very high.

Breast cancer is generally a disease of the 40 plus women , in India the incidence peaks at late 40s and early 50s. Secondly there is a larger number of cases that are triple negative (hormone receptors absent on the tumor) . Both these combined with late diagnosis result in lower cure rates.

The best part of this disease is that it can be detected early in its stage and when detected and treated so it has a cure rate of 90% and above! But is it possible ?

Yes it is ! If women perform breast self exam once a month, if a trained doctor examines her breast once a year & if she is 40 plus , she undergoes mammography once in 2 years. Breast cancer is also preventable if she is made aware about the factors that increase the risk of this cancer. The Trust has planned programs to enable all these and women at large are urged to make use .


Pudhuvasantham – Imparting education on basics of breast cancer on 1-1 basis

We feel that there is need to carry out intensive awareness programs and women literally have to be approached on a one to one basis or in groups less than 5 members and drive home the message

To enable this we would like to send trained lady volunteers to your school  / Office / factory / Residential Complex / Institution  to educate all women  above the age of 25 there  in groups of 2 – 5 members. Each session will taken 15 minutes and in one hour nearly 40 ladies can be taught. This will be at a time convenient to you & it will be done FREE of COST.  

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