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Beyond Cancer

Remembrance Day Concerts

On the Remembrance days of Mrs. Vasantha, in whose memory the trust was formed, we held devotional music concerts. They were held in Coimbatore , Chennai ,Mumbai and one occasion atbeyond-cancer Bangalore. Several musicians, famous & less known, have presented classical music, abhang , Bhajan & Nama Sankirtan recitals for us. Smt. Shruti Sadolikar , famed Hindustani musician, gave us a memorable concert of abhangs in April 2002. The famous Kannada musician, Shri Vidyabhushana , gave concerts at 3 places , Coimbatore , Bangalore & Mumbai. While the concert at Bangalore gathered a huge audience, over 2000 people, the Coimbatore one beckoned the gods down. His recital at Mumbai was heart warming.

msThis was movement started to propagate the music & memories  of  the  legend,  Smt.M.S.Subbulakshmi  . It began in Oct 2008 atop our Hospital building in Chennai with a concert by S h r i  N a v a n e e t K r i s h n a n .V e r y  s o o n    t h e  m o v e m e n t g a t h e r e d momentum .Young upcoming artistes & established ones joined us in this venture and gave monthly concerts which dealt with one aspect of MS’s music. They did sincere homework and presented concerts as MS would. The disturbing behavior of a couple of musicians in mid 2013 put us off . The already scheduled concerts were conducted and the concert series closed after 64 concerts in March 2014 with a recital on Surdas Bhajans

We continued this movement in the form of Dance. Five dance schools over 2 programs paid their obeisance to MS through dance. These programs were held in Aug 2013 & 15 at the anniversaries of the Vasantha Memorial cancer centre. We hope to revive this movement in the near future & take it to its full glory.

The first time we got into the activity of relief work was when we sent medicines to people in Orissa in 1999 when the floods caused havoc there. When a severe shock rocked Kutch & its surroundings in Gujarat & devastated it we were in action again. Aid was collected in Coimbatore & Mumbai and sent to Gandhidham for distribution allover kutch. Association for India’s Development also channelized a sizeable amount through us for relief. Our aid culminated with the provision of a ward for women at the Divine Life society hospital at Adipur.

summIn 2008 a 10 day camp was organized for children at our centre in Coimbatore. 20 odd children were taught art & crafts, spoken English , art of story telling , etc & also a class on the ill effects of Tobacco use was squeezed in . It was a success and this emboldened to us conduct more such camps. It was replicated in Mumbai the next year and thereafter this chapter took the lead & conducts it every year till today.