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Pudhuvasantham talks in Tamil Nadu excluding chennai

2/2/2017 Balakrishna Puram,Dindugul 26 Sahayamary
6/2/2017 Balakrishna Puram,Dindugul 17 Sahayamary
13/2/2017 Barma Colony,Dindigul 10 Roselin Mary M
13/2/2017 Barma Colony,Dindigul 10 Isabellamary
14/2/2017 Alahampatti,Dindigul 7 Sahayamary
14/2/2017 Kappalpatty,Dindigul 13 Sahayamary
16/2/2017 Nadumalapatty,Dindigul 10 Roselin Mary M
19/2/2017 Thottanathu,Dindigul 16 Roselin Mary M
20/2/2017 Ponnagarm, natham Road,Dindigul 22 Roselin Mary M
15/2/2017 Ackkaraipatti,Dindigul 21 Sahayamary
15/2/2017 Selvapuram,Dindigul 11 Sahayamary
20/2/2017 Othakadai,dindigul 8 Sahayamary
23/2/2017 Kottapatty,Dindugul 10 Roselin Mary M
22/2/2017 Devasagayam Nagar,Dindigul 24 Roselinmary A
25/2/2017 Thaluk Office Road,Dindigul 41 Arockiaselvi .M
13/2/2017 Barma Colony,Dindigul 10 Isabellamary
15/2/2017 Kaveri nagar,Dindigul 10 Isabellamary
16/2/2017 Muruga Balavanam,Dindigul 21 Isabellamary
17/2/2017 Muruga Balavanam,Dindigul 14 Isabellamary
17/2/2017 Malaipatty,Dindigul 4 Isabellamary
19/2/2017 Thottanmuthur,Dindigul 19 Isabellamary
20/2/2017 Ponagaram,Dindigul 18 Isabellamary
20/2/2017 Subburampatty, dindigul 3 Isabellamary
27/2/2017 Muthualagupatty, Dindigul 25 Roselin Mary M
27/2/2017 Muthualagupatty, Dindigul 22 Arockiaselvi .M
28/2/2017 Muthualagupatty, Dindigul 20 Arockiaselvi .M
28/2/2017 Muthualagupatty, Dindigul 31 Thennismary A
21/2/2017 Muruga Balavanam,Dindigul 19 Isabellamary
22/2/2017 Muruga Balavanam,Dindigul 14 Isabellamary
  Total  476  

24.03.17-27.03.17–  Sangameshwar -Ratnagiri trip

A team of three members of the trust, viz. Jaya, Shanta and Shravani, undertook a 4-day trip to Sangameshwar and Ratnagiri.  This was an extension of last year’s trip in connection with Breast cancer awareness talks and also one pap smear camp. Our aim was also to find new avenues for training women for Breast cancer educators to take up the Pudhu Vasantham project to more women.

Like last year, this time too Mr. Jadhav, the octogenarian was more enthusiastic than us for this trip. He had met lot of the local authorities and taken appointments so that we could surely meet them when we are there. On 24th morning we boarded the train and reached Sangmeshwar at around 1.30p.m. Mr. Jadhav had sent us a vehicle for pick up and we headed to Mr. Uday Dongre’s Bungalow where we were put up. Newly constructed the Dongres themselves had just shifted about a month back. We had just enough time to gobble up some food as we had two talks arranged for 2.30p.m. and 3.00 p.m. While Mr. Jadhav and I were dropped at the BDO’s office, Shanta and Shravani went ahead to Vashi another 20 minute drive where the women were already waiting for the program. 27 women who attended the awareness talk were very attentive and the question answer session went on for more than 20 minutes. At the BDO office, 55 gram sevikas, women workers from the field like the aangan wadi workers, Asha workers & the auxiliary nurses were attending a 3 day training program. What was satisfying talking to them was that in spite of they being in the medical field, they all listened carefully and also a few of them jotted down points. After the session, many questions were asked and it truly felt nice.

We were the first visitors at the Dongre’s Bungalow and we were feeling very odd and felt like we had gate crashed. But to our surprise the hostess Shaila Dongre was a very nice person and she went out of her way to see that we were comfortable. There was a big portico which overlooked the main road and sitting on the swing with the cool breeze and of course hot cuppa of tea was a refreshing break. Thanks to Mr. Jadhav, the visitors poured in at Mr. Dongre’s house from 7 pm onwards. Mr. Yuyutsu Arte an eminent social worker and Ranjana Kadam, a trained nurse at the BDO office whom I had met in the afternoon, were the first visitors. Mr. Arte wanted us to give a talk the next day morning at the BDO office for the staff and workers both men and women who would be there at the conference hall for a special meeting. He was very impressed with the Pudhu Vasantham program and he said he will try and fix the dates for next month and do all the formalities required for arranging for two to three hamlets surrounding this village. He seemed very keen to organize this awareness program. We too felt encouraged having met him..

The next visitors who came to meet us were Mrs. Mugdha Jagruti, the newly elected Zilla Parishad member, Mr. Ashok Mohire,Retd. Block Education officer & Mr. Prakash Dongre from the Agriculture Dept, they too showed keen interest in helping us to reach out to more women. They assured us they would do the ground work and let us know at the earliest so that we could do more work. They told us that many of the aangan wadi and asha workers reside at remote parts of the Zilla so it would be better if we get a bigger team then we could conduct such sessions simultaneously at different locations. We assured them that we can get all the things organized and then schedule for a proper program.

On 25th morning, the general cancer awareness talk for both men and women was well received. 55 women and 45 men who were the officers at the Beat Development office(BDO) attended the session. Mr. Arte was also present and he lauded our work and assured that assistance from BDO will always be there for our future programs also.

At 12 noon the Women Development Cell of Indian Institute of Pharmacy, Sadavli, had organised an awareness program, which was attended by 44 students, including a few of their faculty members. After the talk on general signs & symptoms was given, Shanta spoke on Breast cancer and also breast self examination with a breast model was taught.

After a nice hot lunch at the Dongre’s we left for another awareness program at Matru Mandir. 22 women assembled at the hall and the presentation of signs & symptoms was shown and explained. Shanta, later taught  Breast self exam  with a Breast model.

Immediately after this talk, we rushed to Dive Puthru where Ms. Shilpa Shirke had arranged another talk for a small group of women. 16 women attended the session and two of them approached us with some problems and we advised them to come tomorrow for the screening camp which was organized at Matru Mandir. All of us felt nice for a well spent day as we drove back to Dongre’s house. That night a special dinner awaited us. We binged into the popular recipe Kasari amti with steaming rice and savouries which was cooked to perfection by Mrs. Dongre who had also invited Jadhav Sir and his wife. That was not all, (Shimga festival – Locals believe that Shimga represents the arrival of God and therefore carry idols of the deities to their houses in Palkhis or palanquins) Jadhav Sir took us to a nearby place which was beautifully lighted, and the whole village looked like was there dressed in traditional outfits. The crowd was so much and much to our surprise we were whisked to the dais and sat amongst many other dignitaries who had come to watch the Palkhi competitions by different groups. This was the first time we witnessed men who carried the Palkhis with such ease and danced. It was awesome as groups danced to the different tunes and went on and on as the crowd also were ecstatic and cheered them. It was well past midnight when we left but the celebrations were still on.

26.03.17 – Pap smear camp was organised at Matru Mandir.  Even though the camp timings were 10.00 a.m. we expected the women to start coming by 10.30 only as it was a Sunday. But to our dismay very few of them trickled for the camp. Dr. Smitha Chodankar, the local Gynecologist examined 17 women and did the pap smear tests. Later we were told that Sunday being Bazaar day women were very busy. We felt it was a lame excuse and women still needed more awareness to be drilled for making them understand the importance of screening tests. One positive thing that happened at this camp was, we could meet three popular local figures who assured us of full support next time.

Mrs.Shilpa Shirke had arranged for another talk at Maratha Colony where she resided. 16 women gathered at her neighbours house and though a small group they were very attentive.

27.03.17  We left at 8.30 a.m. for Ratnagiri and Dr. Deepa Pawaskar with her beautiful smile greeted us at her home. She had arranged for a talk at  Maharshi Karve Stree Shikshan Samstha for Anganwadi teachers in their training centre.  Mrs. Shilpa Panvalkar who is a close friend of Dr. Pawaskar introduced us to her colleague Asawari Shetye and the Sarpanch Ms. Sakshi Kumtekar who was specially invited for this program. 42 Aangan wadi teachers attended this talk. It was again nice to see all of them listen so carefully and take down points. Shanta then spoke on Breast self exam and explained it with a breast model. It was a nice session and we thanked the organizers before we left for Dr. Pawaskars house. After we enjoyed a sumptuous meal we rested for a while and with Dr. Pawaskar’s advise we went for a short sightseeing trip in Ratnagiri. We first went to Pawas a beautiful temple and the abode of Swami Swaroopanand. We then left for Bhatye beach which a welcome retreat from the scorching heat. After enjoying the bhelpuris at the beach we left for Thiba  point garden. A nice place from where we can see the whole city and the garden too is very well maintained.  We had a nice dinner and then the ever helping Dr. Pawaskars insisted to have us dropped us to the station.

The second trip to Sangameshwar was very satisfying like the first trip and now we had more known people to visit next time.

28.03.17 – On the 27th Remembrance Day of Vasantha, an Abhang program by the 88 year old doyen of Marathi Abhangs Smt Shashikala Thakurdesai  and her group was arranged at the Tirupati Balaji Mandir, Tilak Road, Ghatkopar East. There were about 20 students of Mrs. Desai who also sang with her. After initial introduction of the artist, the program started at 7 pm.  As per tradition the first abhang was Ramakrishna Hari followed by Tulsi hara dala kahe pitambari. In all the group sang  18 abhangs, notable among them were Omkara Pradhana rupa Ganesa, Govinda Govinda mana lagiliya chanda, sai baba baba  hum jaise rahten hai tumbi raho na(Hindi) & Vittala Vittala Hari Ohm Vittala & Aaj anandi ananda jala etc. The program concluded at 8.10 pm. Packed dinner was given to the abhang singers and the volunteers.  The soul of Vasantha must have been blessed hearing the soulful music.

Pudhuvasantham Talks – Tamil Nadu excluding chennai

1/3/2017 Muthualagupatty, Dindigul 20 Arockiaselvi .M
1/3/2017 Muthualagupatty, Dindigul 24 Thennismary A
2/3/2017 Balakrishna Puram,Dindugul 23 Sahayamary
6/3/2017 K.k nagar,Palani 20 Roselin Mary M
6/3/2017 Karunanithi Nagar,Dindigul 25 Isabellamary
6/3/2017 Muthualagupatty, Dindigul 61 Thennismary A
6/3/2017 Muthualagupatty, Dindigul 20 Arockiaselvi .M
6/3/2017 Karunanithi Nagar,Dindigul 23 Arockiaselvi .M
7/3/2017 Sellandiamman Kovil,Dindigul 26 Arockiaselvi .M
7/3/2017 Sellandiamman Kovil,Dindigul 5 Arockiaselvi .M
7/3/2017 Karunanithi Nagar,Iyyankulam, Chellandiamman Kovil,Dindigul 20 Isabellamary
8/3/2017 Ayyankulam,Chellandiamman Kovil,Saddaiyappanur,Dindigul 44 Thennismary A
8/3/2017 Saddaiyappanur,Dindigul 13 Isabellamary
8/3/2017 Sattyappanur,Dindigul 11 Roselinmary A
8/3/2017 Thottanuthur,Dindigul 31 Roselinmary A
9/3/2017 Saveriyar Palayam,Dindigul 24 Roselin Mary M
9/3/2017 Saveriyar Palayam,Dindigul 36 Thennismary A
10/3/2017 Saveriyar Palayam,Dindigul 20 Roselin Mary M
9/3/2017 Saveriyar Palayam,Dindigul 19 Isabellamary
10/3/2017 Saveriyar Palayam,Dindigul 13 Isabellamary
6/3/2017 Akathikal Camp ,dindigul 8 Sahayamary S
6/3/2017 Othakadai, Dindigul 7 Sahayamary S
8/3/2017 Nalu pulikottai,Dindigul 13 Sahayamary S
8/3/2017 Sattyappanur,Dindigul 3 Sahayamary S
9/3/2017 Othakadai,dindigul 9 Sahayamary S
14/3/2017 periyakottai ,dindigul 60 Sahayamary S
10/3/2017 Thottanur,Dindigul 22 Roselinmary A
11/3/2017 Thottanur,Dindigul 23 Roselinmary A
12/3/2017 Thottanur,Dindigul 22 Roselinmary A
17/3/2017 Paripatti Village,Dindigul 21 Sahayamary S
17/3/2017 periyakottai ,dindigul 20 Sahayamary S
17/3/2017 periyakottai ,dindigul 40 Sahayamary S
17/3/2017 Kurumba patti,Dindigul 19 Sahayamary S
20/3/2017 Asanathpuram & Saveiyar palayam,Dindigul 34 Roselin Mary M
20/3/2017 Nehuruji Nagr,Dindigul 26 Thennismary A
21/3/2017 Saveiyar palayam,Dindigul 27 Thennismary A
21/3/2017 Velankanni St, Mettupatti,Dindigul 28 Roselin Mary M
22/3/2017 Jinna St,Velankanni St, Mettupati,Dindigul 25 Roselin Mary M
20/3/2017 Saveripalayam, Dindigul 37 Isabellamary
21/3/2017 Mettupatti,Dindigul 27 Isabellamary
22/3/2017 Mettupatti,Dindigul 36 Isabellamary
23/3/2017 Mettupatti,Dindigul 31 Isabellamary
27/3/2017 Begambur,Dindigul 22 Roselin Mary M
28/3/2017 Dhomaiyapuram,Dindigul 25 Roselin Mary M
29/3/2017 Thottanathu,Dindigul 20 Roselinmary A
31/3/2017 Thottanathu,Dindigul 23 Roselinmary A
  Total  1106  

6th &7th April – Pune

A one day trip to Pune was quite fruitful. Kamla and I rushed to the Cantonment area in Pune where 75 plus women were waiting for us. The talk was well appreciated and the women mainly the wives of Jawans had many questions which were answered by the speaker. They also wanted a pap smear camp later. After a nice lunch at Kamla’s sister’s place at Kunal Icon, Pimpale Saudagar we then went to the club house where Kamla’s sister had arranged for a talk for the women in the complex. We were not expecting many women as it was in the afternoon but to our surprise 25 women eagerly waited for us to come and what was even more satisfying was, they listened very carefully and also asked many questions. They thanked us profusely and wanted another talk as many women are working and weekends would be ideal. We promised them we would conduct another such program whenever we come to Pune. Dr. Shilpa who has been instrumental in conducting camps for us during our earlier visit to Pune wanted us to conduct one camp the next morning at the yoga class which she attends.

07.04.17 – 16 women who had come to attend yoga session at Dehu Road were shown the power point presentation and explained about the signs & symptoms of cancer. We then headed straight to the highway and caught a vehicle back to Mumbai.


15th April  – Pen

Pen, a small village about 3 hour drive from Mumbai happens to be the native place of Prabhavathi , our staff and she wanted the trust to arrange an awareness and detection camp for the people of her village. Accordingly on 15th morning Raman, who was on the wheels, escorted Jaya, Kamla & Shravani along with Drs. Reena, Shruti & Ashwini to the village for the camp. Prabhavathi waited on the main road and took all of us to her house. All her relatives and the neighbours welcomed us and tea & snacks were served. We then walked to the nearby temple where the villagers were waiting for us. After the welcoming ceremony an awareness talk was given for 22 men on the ill effects of tobacco and later oral check up was done by Drs. Shruti & Ashwini. Simultaneously in the school nearby around 50 women who had gathered there were given Breast cancer awareness talk by Kamla. After registering their names, pap smear test was conducted by Dr. Reena Upadhyay.  The oral screening was done for 70 men & 45 women. Prabhavathi had gone out of her way to see that we were comfortable, delicious home cooked lunch with sweets and cold buttermilk was too appetizing. Their hospitality did not end with just this, their field grown pounded rice, farsan and onions were given to all of us as a token of their appreciation. With our stomachs full and heart filled with happiness we drove back home.


18th April –  Pune

Another visit to Pune was made as a talk was organized during the training of the Mother & Child Project for the volunteers.  20 women at Karwe nagar were given the awareness talk on cancer. They all had come from small villages nearby and wanted us to conduct such programs in their areas too. We assured them we would and left for Mumbai.


27th 28th april – Sangameshwar

It was Sangmeshwar calling once again!, The BDO (Beat Development Officer) requested us to conduct a breast cancer awareness program for their nursing staff and the Asha workers who work in the community for the welfare of the women. We could not refuse so we spoke to Mr. Jadhav who not only arranged for few more talks so that our time could be well utilized having gone so far but also accompanied us. We started on 27th early morning so that we could be in time for our first talk scheduled at 11.00 am at Sangmeshwar. But a major accident on the way, a huge traffic jam delayed our reaching there by almost 45 minutes. With our sincere apologies for the 130 women who waited patiently for us, we started the talk on basic signs & symptoms of cancer. The women jotted points, asked questions and were so keen that though it was well past their lunch time, they insisted to stay back and get their doubts cleared. We then headed to our next talk which was at Banmoli about 20 kms from here. 25 women were seated in a small room waiting for us. Shanta spoke on Breast cancer awareness and also showed them the slide show.  It was very hot and the glass of cold kokam sherbet was welcoming. From there on our next halt was Kudavali a small village another 12 kms from here. In a temple 26 women had gathered and Kamla gave the Breast cancer talk. Here again, lot of questions were asked and they appealed for a pap smear screening camp as there were no doctors in their area. Balasaheb Jadhav picked us from the hostel where we were put up at 7.30 pm. 14 kms from here was the village further to Kosumb where our last talk for the day was scheduled. The moment we reached, in the house where we had to conduct the talk, a few women were seated, within no time 28 women assembled for the talk. Though it was dinner time they all listened attentively and thanked us & even offered us dinner for they felt so nice that we had come all the way just for them. The cool breeze and the fragrance of the trees on both sides of the small road which was pitch dark was another great experience.

Next day morning, we split into two groups- at a strawberry farm for the labourers in Ram nagar, a general cancer awareness talk was given for men and women workers by Shanta. Later the women were given a separate talk on breast cancer and Breast self exam. At the cashew factory in Sadavalli which was nearby Kamla spoke to the men and women labourers employed there.  Arte Sir took the other group to Phungus which was about 12 kms from here. At the hospital, the Doctor had arranged for the talk for the Asha workers of that area, the nursing and para medic staff. They too listened and asked questions, and what was rewarding was when the Doctor complimented us for the presentation which was very appealing and tailor made for the laymen. Evening at 5pm we had our talk at Help Academy which works for the villagers, the men & women here are given training for dealing with snake bites, drowning, and to tackle with all other emergencies. 11 women heard our talk and from there we went to Rewawadi which was about 10 kms. In a small temple 19 women were spoken to on the signs & symptoms of cancer and also were told about Breast self exam.  Next day early morning we left for Mumbai feeling satisfied of covering 250 women and 30 men in small groups in small villages where this was most needed.


Pudhuvasantham talks – Tamil nadu excluding Chennai

2//4/2017 East Mariyananthapuram,Dindigul 19 Roselinmary A
3/4/2017 East Mariyananthapuram,Dindigul 23 Roselinmary A
5/4/2017 East Mariyananthapuram,Dindigul 16 Roselinmary A
8/4/2017 Kurumba patti,Dindigul 10 Sahayamary S
8/4/2017 Vanniyarapatti Village,Dindigul 21 Sahayamary S
8/4/2017 Erode 21 Sumathi R
15/4/17 Alibaug, Maharashtra 30 Kamala
20/4/17 Erode 20 Sumathi R
19/4/17 masilamanoipuram,Dindigul 25 Roselinmary M
20/4/17 masilamanoipuram,Dindigul 6 Roselinmary M
19/4/17 Kamalapuram,Dindigul 25 Roselinmary A
20/4/17 Kamalapuram,Dindigul 27 Roselinmary A
21/4/17 Kamalapuram,Dindigul 23 Roselinmary A
21/4/17 Nallapatti,Dindigul 27 Roselinmary M
22/4/17 NGO Colony 17 Roselinmary M
22/4/17 Kamalapuram,Dindigul 25 Roselinmary A
23/4/17 Samathuvapuram,Nallapatti, Dindigul 14 Roselinmary M
24/4/17 Nesavalar colony,Nallapatty,Dindigul 18 Roselinmary M
27/4/17 Kovilur,Dindigul 28 Sahayamary S
28/4/17 Vanniyarapatti Village,Dindigul 59 Sahayamary s
22/4/17 Maravamangala,Sivagangai Dt 107 Kala R
28/4/17 Vanniyarapatti Village,Dindigul 16 Sahayamary S
  Total 577  

Pudhuvasantham talks –  Tamil Nadu state outside chennai

4/1/2017 Mariyananthapuram,Dindigul 18 Roselinmary A
5/1/2017 Devasagayam Nagar,Dindigul 22 Roselinmary A
6/1/2017 Rajiv gandhi nagar,East Mariyananthapuram,Dindigul 16 Roselinmary A
9/1/2017 Anumantha Nagar,Dindigul 69 Roselin Mary M
4/1/2017 Centenary Memorial Primary School, Dindigul 27 Sahayamary
9/1/2017 Anganwadi Center, west mariyanathapuram,Dindigul 11 Sahayamary
10/1/2017 West mariyanathapuram,Dindigul 9 Sahayamary
11/1/2017 West mariyanathapuram,Dindigul 7 Sahayamary
7/1/2017 East Mariyananthapuram,Dindigul 17 Roselinmary A
16/1/2017 East Mariyananthapuram,Dindigul 19 Roselinmary A
17/1/2017 Rajiv gandhi nagar,East Mariyananthapuram,Dindigul 8 Roselinmary A
177/1/2017 Rajiv gandhi nagar,East Mariyananthapuram,Dindigul 9 Roselinmary A
17/1/2017 Anumantha Nagar,Dindigul 9 Roselin Mary M
22/1/2017 Soroptmist International,Madurai 50 Meenakshi
21/1/2017 East Mariyananthapuram,Dindigul 11 Roselinmary A
22/1/2017 East Mariyananthapuram,Dindigul 28 Roselinmary A
25/1/2017 Kullanampatti,Dindigul 8 Roselin Mary M
25/1/2017 Vinobaji Nagar , ,Dindugul 15 Roselin Mary M
30/1/2017 Erode 18 Sumathi R
31/1/2017 Erode 22 Sumathi R
12/1/2017 Balakrishna Puram,Dindugul 35 Sahayamary
13/1/2017 Balakrishna Puram,Dindugul 22 Sahayamary
  Total 450