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Action @ Mumbai

If there is a person guiding a patient at Tata Memorial Hospital, another voice there itself counsels on personal hygiene to patients undergoing chemotherapy and a hand is handing out cheques towards chemotherapy drugs at Tata. Somebody is giving out the weekly ration of food grains at KEM Hospital, Parel. A person is teaching the basics of breast cancer to a group of women and another is motivating children to long for a cancer free tomorrow. While this is on a camp screening is on at the centre at Mumbai and volunteers are sitting and planning out activities for the future and somebody in the field is scouting for sponsorships.


Activities Report- February 2017

03.02.17 – The trust has been associated with Vision Rescue, a Ngo working for children. They had wanted us to do some ill effects of tobacco activity at Kalwa, Thane where they work for the children and their families. We decided to do a street play and we approached the students of DAV, Bhandup for whom we had done awareness program quite recently. They readily agreed so we all scripted a play for about 10 minutes and with just two- three rigorous rehearsals at the centre the students did a splendid job. The play was enacted twice at two different places and both the places the crowd were jubilant and danced to the songs of Dum Maro Dum, Beedi Jalaye le etc…and the final message which we wanted to impress upon them was well taken too. Two or three men asked us where they could do the oral check up to find out if anything was wrong. This was exactly what we had wanted and felt happy the play was well received. Shanta gave a talk also to the people gathered on the signs & symptoms of oral cancer. 75 to 80 people were present at both the places. After the street plays, there was also an awareness session for the women. 23 women attended the session and also had lot of questions which were answered aptly.

04.02.17 – Painting Competitions were held simultaneously at Vikhroli and Chembur on the occasion of World Cancer day. At Chembur it was held at the Pestom Sagar Citizens ground where about 140 students from 13 schools participated from std 1 to 10. The schools The theme of the painting was “Eat Right and prevent Cancer”  The children were made to sit in 4 different groups and the painting session was from 10 to 11.30 am. Two judges viz. Harini Nischal, a professional artist & Anil Vidwan, a retired professional artist judged the paintings. The creative talent of the students came to the fore looking into some of the paintings. Kamla spoke to about 8 parents on cancer in women & Vish spoke to the students about “Cancer free tomorrow”. Snacks (corn pkt & biscuits) were distributed to the children after the event.

At Vikhroli 7 schools took part at the Madhyamik high school hall. 115 students participated in the paint contest. Artist Gira Dalwadi and Gajanan Kabade, alumni of JJ school of arts were the judges. Jaya spoke to the children on ‘Cancer Free tomorrow’ while the judges were busy in selecting the best paintings.5 prizes in each category (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 2 consolations) from primary, Middle & secondary grades were awarded at both the venues.

11.02.17 – Cancer Victors Day

 “There is life after cancer”  –

This has been the principal guiding factor for Vasantha Memorial Trust, running its 23 rd year towards championing the cause of cancer. Besides sponsoring treatment, the Trust has been counseling patients on personal hygiene and post operative care aiding speedy recovery.  While its various year-round activities include scores of awareness campaigns and screening camps, one single event which marks the convergence of all other activities is the celebration of Cancer Victors Day in the month of February. This is the most important and cherished programme for the Trust, as on this day, the victors, those who have triumphed cancer, prove to the world that there is life after cancer.   As a salute to the victors, the Trust, with wholesome enthusiasm and commitment, organizes  a gala event , a day of fun and dance , a day made  memorable not only for the hundreds of attending victors, but also for the Trust members, staff ,volunteers and well wishers.

This year 2017, Cancer Victors day was celebrated on Saturday,11th February at Mysore Association  Hall, Matunga.  We had arranged two buses at Tata Memorial Hospital to pick up around 70 victors and 30 VMT sponsored patients and a further 80 victors came directly to the venue based on the invites we had sent.  The Honourable guests included our long time sponsors, Mr and MRs Muralidharan of GKR Foundation, N.G.S. Ramesh of Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd besides Mr Mukundan of Shaporji Palonji Capital Infrastructure Pvt Ltd and Mr Surendera Behera and Ms Suparna Sharma of STCI              Ms Indira Krishnan and  Mr Anshuman Malhotra from the tinsel world added charm to the event.

The event began with a prayer song invoking Lord Ganesha, song by children undergoing cancer treatment – it was great to see these children sing loudly and clearly- these children were hesitant initially when they started practicing at our centre but soon gained confidence.   Prayer was followed by the traditional lighting of the lamp.  After this, a song to hail the cancer victors was played – with the lights in the hall switched off, the cancer victors swayed to the music with lighted torches – it was a sight to behold !

MRs Jayalakshmi gave the welcome address and introduced the guests who also addressed the audience.  While Mrs Priya Muralidharan, spoke of the long association of GKR Foundation with VMT, Mr N.G.S. Ramesh of STCI appreciated the Trust’s efforts in conducting awareness campaigns round the country – such as  Bhavnagar, Porbander, Kutch in Gujarat , Ooty, Kodiakanal, Tirupur in Tamilanadu  and also Darjeeeling, Uttarakhand. Mrs Indira Krishnan, actor, spoke of her joy in attending this event the last few years and danced with the children on the stage.

Soon it was time to start off the cultural events, before that a vote of thanks was in order.  Trustee Mrs. Jayalakshmi thanked the chief guests, the sponsors for their gifts in cash and kind, the staff and volunteers, including the student volunteers who had worked tirelessly the last few weeks and most importantly thanked the real heroes, the cancer victors.

The stage was now handed over to Abhay Valsangkar and Aishwarya Agate who hosted the the events thereafter. The duo kept the audience in splits with their light banter throughout.  Each of the event was introduced with a shayari in the form of Q&A. Events included Bollywood and hip hop dance forms performed by students of DAV college, Patkar College ande Jhunjhunwala Colleges, classical dance by Khargar ladies group and a interactive dance performance by Powai Ladies group.  Between the dance numbers, Shrikant Iyer with Utkarsh Sharma on guitar sang filmi Ghana, there was also a delightful solo by Ms Krishna Khamnkar.   Mimicry show by Mithilesh Patankar was hilarious. One cancer victor wanted to come on stage for a prayer song, it was heartening to see the entire audience give a standing ovation.

Like the previous year, there were interactive session between the sponsors and VMT sponsored patients.  About 25 patients divided into groups of 5 discussed their experiences with our main sponsors – Mr & Mrs Muralidharan of GKR charities, Mr Ramesh of Stockholding Corpn and Mr Behera of STCI. At VMT we consider this interaction very significant and this has been well appreciated by both.

Finally it was time for the distribution of gift hampers.  Each invitee was given a flower vase with five roses – these roses came from a pool of contributions by way of rose coupons, hence each vase displayed the name of the donor.   There were a variety of gifts- Tiffin boxes came from the ladies group of Shanta, Sarala, Pravin Khatri & Rekha.  Dr Rekha Tirani provided utlility hampers and pens and cakes for children; Coffee mugs by Mr Sudarshan of Future group. Corporate gifts comprised travel bags by Stockholding Corporation of India, Towels by Well spun Industries and sof tdrinks tetra-packs by Coco-cola India.  Lunch packets were arranged by Mr. Venkatesh, Teplas for the victors who came in buses from TATA Hospital were provided by Mrs.Gala, the transport services was borne by Anil Menon.   VMT provided fruit hampers to all invitees.

The victors and patients who were brought by bus from Tata hospital were dropped off back Finally it was time to relax, all volunteers had lunch together, exchanged photos and talked over the events of the day.  What a great day it was !

  • Latha Kumar, Volunteer, VMT







Activities Report- March 2017

03.03.17 – Cancer awareness talk was organized at L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Ltd (LTHE) Powai at 4p.m. Deepak Salian who works there had arranged this talk, he first introduced us to the audience and also spoke briefly about the trust. The speaker was given 45 minutes and crisp presentation was well applauded. 70 employees were present for the talk.

04.03.17 – The first week of March is the Industrial Safety week and most of the industries, factories have many programs arranged for their workers. For many years now, the trust has been associated with Marathon Builders and they arrange for oral cancer awareness programs for not only their sites but also many other construction sites. The first talk was given at their construction site at Panvel.  620 workers were shown the power point presentation and were explained about the general signs & symptoms of cancer and specifically on ill effects of tobacco.

06.03.17 – The second talk was again arranged at the Marathon construction site at Dombivili where 300 workers were spoken to about the ill effects of cigarettes, ghutka, four finger test and the chart showing ten steps to watch out for was also shown.

07.03.17 – The celebrations for the International women’s day started a day before for the trust. 24 patients were greeted at the female ward in Tata Hospital, Kharghar & distributed coffee mugs & biscuits.

08.03.17 – The celebrations continued for the women’s day as the volunteers Latha, Shanta & Anju distributed coffee mugs to 50 patients at the female ward of Tata Hospital, Parel.

A small party was also organized for women cancer patients at our centre at Vikhroli. 22 of them had a blast with songs, games and dances. Also a dance group came and performed much to the delight of the patients. A cake was cut and gifts (Bedsheet & pillow) sponsored by Radha was distributed. After a nice lunch happy smiling faces thanked us profusely for a wonderful program and we too felt great for a well spent women’s day!

08.03.17 –Continuing the oral cancer awareness during the Industrial Safety week, 50 construction workers of Omkar constructions, Goregaon were spoken to about ill effects of chewing & smoking tobacco. They listened carefully and a few questions were raised. Many of them were youngsters and showed interest in quitting. We have given our contact numbers and assured them we would be there for them for any guidance.

09.03.17 – the last talk of the Industrial Safety week was held again at Omkar Constructions, Malad for their workers. Though there were only about 30 but they were so thankful for the information and assured us they would surely give up and also spread the message to their co workers who could not attend this program.

06.03-09.03.17 – Pudhu Vasantham (Breast cancer awareness) workshop was conducted at the centre. Though 8 of them registered, only three women turned up, but they were very enthusiastic and did well.

12.03.17 – Cancer awareness talk was given at a church in Kurla where 85 women attended. What was really satisfying was despite they having come to the church by 7.00 and this talk was conducted at 11.00 they all listened carefully and asked many questions and appreciated us for this wonderful awareness session. The trust would like to thank Sunita of Vision Rescue NGO who organized this in her church.

18.3.17 – The trust has been conducting awareness sessions & detection programs in association with Lions Club of Mumbai for a decade now. Lions Club International celebrated their 100 years in a mega event at Lokhandwala Gardens, Versova, titled POWER of 100. They also gave away awards to 10 Lion members & 10 non Lion who had done exemplary service.  Jayalakshmi Krishnan was awarded the Lion Shatabdi award at this grand function.

28.03.17 – On the 27th Remembrance Day of Vasantha, an Abhang program by the 88 year old doyen of Marathi Abhangs Smt Shashikala Thakurdesai  and her group was arranged at the Tirupati Balaji Mandir, Tilak Road, Ghatkopar East. There were about 20 students of Mrs. Desai who also sang with her. After initial introduction of the artist, the program started at 7 pm.  As per tradition the first abhang was Ramakrishna Hari followed by Tulsi hara dala kahe pitambari. In all the group sang  18 abhangs, notable among them were Omkara Pradhana rupa Ganesa, Govinda Govinda mana lagiliya chanda, sai baba baba  hum jaise rahten hai tumbi raho na(Hindi) & Vittala Vittala Hari Ohm Vittala & Aaj anandi ananda jala etc. The program concluded at 8.10 pm. Packed dinner was given to the abhang singers and the volunteers.  The soul of Vasantha must have been blessed hearing the soulful music.


8th March 16
Mr.Jayalakshmi Krishnan was recognized on 8th March 16 , the International day for Women .
Report on Sangameshwar trip

Mr.Rajaram Jadhav, more popularly & with respect called Sir is an octogenarian and a retired school teacher from Mumbai.  He used to visit his village and would spend about 3-4 months and then return to his flat at Mumbai. Here in Mumbai too he with his friends and residents had managed to create a small Nana Nani park. So whenever he used to go to his village, he felt the need to do some good work there too. He approached us at our centre and wanted us to do cancer awareness and if possible detection camp too. His village Sadavali is in Dehrukh a small town which is in Sangameshwar near Ratnagiri about 340 kms from Mumbai.

On seeing his enthusiasm at this age and love for his villagers, we too wanted to do our bit. So a small team of 4 of us Kamla, Shanta Vanita & I got ready with all the posters, camp items for detection and our Projector & laptop & rehearsals too were on to give talks in Marathi. We too were excited for this trip. On 12th of March, 2016, we took a sleeper overnight bus from Mumbai to Sangameshwar.  We reached around 5.30 a.m. and were met on arrival by Mr. Gurav with his Tata sumo to take us to Sadavali which was about 12 kms.  There Mr. Jadhav had made arrangements for our stay in Mr. Bane’s house. It was a nice house overlooking the farms and so quiet and serene unlike the buzz of Mumbai. Bane’s were very simple and they welcomed us with hot cuppa of tea. A simple breakfast followed and then we went to the School where the camp was arranged not before picking up Mr. Jadhav from his residence who was busy making tea for us and filling it in a big thermos. So sweet of him!

The School at Patherewadi was readied for the camp with the tables converted into examination couches & children were busy arranging the chairs outside for the women who had started coming in for the detection camp. Dr. Deepa Pawaskar, MD (Gynaec& Obs) was from Ratnagiri. It was just one phone call we made from Mumbai asking if she could help us with the detection camp and she readily agreed. When we all met her she was really a wonderful human being, so humble & simple, she helped us in putting up the posters and kept telling us even if 10 women will come for the camp do not be disappointed and i too will not be since in such villages to get women out for checkups  2
is an herculean task and you never get good responseBut when 15 women were already seated outside and Vanita was giving a talk on Breast cancer, Doctor and I were elated. Shanta then got busy registering the women. After a small formal function where the Sarpanch of the area was also there, the camp started off and 48 women turned up. We gave two three talks for small groups when they were seated for their turn to come for check up. Kamla assisted the Doctor & the Aanganwadi teachers also helped us in the smooth functioning of the camp. They were instrumental in the large turnout of the women. After a nice lunch at Mr. Bane’s we all joined the Doctor to Ratnagiri to see her hospital. After seeing the nice hospital and her beautiful house where we were served hot chaai with ladoos and chakli we had some time in hand and Doctor suggested us to make a quick visit to Ganpatiphule, having come so near. Yes the ride to Ganpatiphule which was about 45 minutes drive was so beautiful with greenery on both sides and the beach was so so tempting white sand with blue water an awesome sight. We had darshan and started off immediately vowing to come again to spend time on the beaches for vacation.
.Mr. Jadhav was already waiting for us at Bane’s and in sometime we left for the small wadas (small villages) nearby where we were to give talks to the villagers. One team went to Kamble wadi where 30 women and 12 men listened to the cancer awareness talk. After this the women were given a separate talk of about 15 minutes on Cancers in women Breast self exam was also shown on the breast model. The women were very attentive. They were not aware of the detection camp in the morning and wanted us to do one at their place, which we assured we would come again soon.  3-1
The other team had gone to Kasarwadi and the talk was held at a Jain Mandir. Here they thought since it was already nearing 9pm women may not want to come to hear them but  were pleasantly surprised  as about 20 women waited at the Mandir. The women showed lot of interest and many questions were asked which was ably answered by the speaker. They also wanted to know about Passive smoking and were very happy to learn the Breast self exam.
The last talk was held at the same school where we had the detection camp in the morning.  It was about 9.30 when we started the talk for more than 20 women and 10 men who again showed interest and listened to the talk. Since chewing tobacco was a common factor in both men and women we reiterated the tobacco aspect and oral cancers. Mr. Jadhav was with us till all the talks got over and this inspired us all the more as we retired to bed by about 11.00 p.m. We all had to be ready by 7.00 am to go to the schools for the cancer free tomorrow talk. 4-1 
The first talk was at Shri Shivaji Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Kosumb. Students from Std.7th to 9th were given the talk at the School hall. 195 students giggled and laughed when pictures of obese children were shown. But they were so happy when the speaker told them they were all fit and fine and not obese like the children in most cities. She also emphasised about the big grounds where they could play and keep themselves fit. Tobacco chewing was the main concern in these villages and to our dismay after the talk, the teachers told us about two students a girl & a boy who were consuming tobacco & were barely 10 years old. There were 6 lady teachers who were given a talk on Breast & Cervical cancers by Kamla & Vanita. 5-1 
The second school Madhyamik Vidyamandir was at Tamhane. 250 students gathered at the hall and were given the talk by Shanta in fluent Marathi. Not one child asked any question, so when we asked some questions from the slide show, so many hands rose up to answer and that too correctly, we were satisfied. Maybe they are very good listeners! Simultaneously the lady teachers were given the talk on cancers in women by Kamla & Vanita.

Meenatai Thakre Madhyamik Vidyalaya is the school where Mr. Jadhav barged in to the Principal’s office since only 30 minutes were left for the school to close. Within no time the children gathered at the classroom and Shanta spoke to them showing the slides. What really amazed us is the discipline in all the three schools, which is less seen in schools at other places where we have conducted such talks. 125 students attended and there was no time for question answer session.

Since it was second Monday the colleges were closed since there is power cut in the area on these days. So with no more talks Mr. Jadhav suggested we go out to Marleshwar temple which was about an hour’s drive from here. Climbing 530 steps we reached the abode of Lord Siva. Had it been monsoon there would have been waterfalls all over the four sides, but still it was a beautiful place surrounded by hills. We came back and Mr. Jadhav joined us for dinner and wanted us to come again probably for more awareness talks & he would also connect with more schools as he was very very impressed with the cancer free talk given to children.

Our thanks to Jadhav Sir, his team of volunteers & Mr. Bane’s for the wonderful hospitality. Our thanks to all the village heads & the Principals & staff in schools for their cooperation. As we boarded the train at Sangameshwar, we were satisfied for having made a little difference to these villagers.

Jayalakshmi Krishnan

8th Apr 16, Remembrance Day of Mrs. Vasantha
to mark the 26th Remembrance Day Program an abhang program by Vaidyanathan (Harish) Sriram at the Ahobila Mutt hall, Chembur was organized . Some of the notable Marathi abhangs sung by him were Deva Pooja Mahi, Dhana Chara Lochane, Nama deva kirtana on Panduranga, Vithal nada Rangama Mahi Rangamma, Sukath rupa Chandrabhaga etc.Before th econcert Mrs. Jayalakshmi krishnan detailed about the trust activiities and thanked the Temple authorities for all their support.
Oral Check up Camp for Marathon Realty, Dombivli
On Sunday, the 10th April, an oral cancer screening camp was held at Dombivili by Marathon Realty at one of their construction sites. Jayalakshmi Krishnan , Vishwanathan and Deepak  from the trust & a panel of dentists –  Dr. Monil, a practicing dentist and Dr. Ashwini, Dr. Prajyot and Dr. Anoushka all of them from the Govt Dental College attached to St. George Hospital participated in the camp . 160 workers were examined of which 54 of them, which is one in three, had symptoms of sub mucous fibrosis. This is really huge!! An onco dental surgeon would soon confirm with the diagnosis with biopsies.
All the assembled workers were given a talk on the ill effects of tobacco and 4 finger mouth opening test also was shown.  A sizeable of them could barely insert 3 fingers and corroborated with dental examination finding of sub mucous fibrosis, a premalignant condition.
Summer Camp for Children conducted at the Centre on 16th & 17th Apr’16

Like in the previous year’s, this year too the trust conducted a summer camp for the children at the centre. Mainly a drive to spread the message about ill effects of tobacco & Diet and also involve them in some craft & art activity for tapping the creative skills of the children. 20 children participated in this camp. The trust would like to sincerely thank Ms. Sangeeta & her daughter Sai for having given their time to the children. The trust thanks our volunteers – Kamla, Shanta, Meera, Latha, Vanita, Shravani & Mr. Desai for their enthusiastic participation.

Pune on 1st & 2nd May
We left for Pune with just one confirmed program but many more came in once we landed there. The first session was at Dehu Road where we addressed Brick kiln workers. Dr.Shilpa Narayan who visits this place once in a fortnight &  Mr. Ashish Chunni from the Sathya Sai organization had arranged this program. While Jayalakshmi Spoke on Ill effects of Tobacco, I talked on Breast cancer.
The second , the only confirmed one when left Mumbai , session was at Mrs.Latha Ramachandran’s house. About 19 women assembled by 5.30 pm in the evening and listened patiently to the talk on cancers in women. They also bought a few bags made by cancer victors.

Early morning next day at around 6.45 am 23 people belonging to a yoga group were addressed. There was a good interaction. The women gathered here were unaware of mammogram or Pap Smear. Dr.Shilpa Narayan promised to get Pap Smear camp organized for these women.

That afternoon Mr. Vishwanthan , our volunteer from Mumbai joined us. His nephew, Mr. Ramesh & his associate Mr. Suryavanshi  had organized a talk in a commercial complex in Pune City. By 4.30 pm 54 ladies from various offices in the complex assembled in a tightly packed hall. There was huge interaction after the talk and the women had queries from diagnosis to treatment of breast cancer. The youngsters in the gathering wanted such talks in their hostels at a future date, which we readily agreed.

We returned to Mumbai satisfied one had become four ! We thank all the concerned –     Kamla Srinivas, Volunteer


.31st May 2016
On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day the trust was invited to conduct an oral screening and awareness camp for the employees of one of the most popular tobacco corporate Godfrey & Philip. 134 employees were screened by our panel of doctors which included Physician, ENT surgeon and Dental Surgeons.


5 batches ,f about 25 people each ,were shown the ppt on I’ll effects of tobacco. We thank Drs. Kenia, Archana,Shruti,Komal. Trupti &Ayush for their assistance. We also thank our volunteers Kamlà & Latha for the smooth coordination of the camp.

We are happy to have done an awareness program in the very company which makes cigarettes.  – Jayalakshmi Krishnan

Cancer Free Tomorrow campaign in schools

Date School   No.s 
2-Jul Vidyamandir High school 230
2-Jul Vidyamandir High school Marathi 151
5-Jul KVK High School 600
8-Jul North Bombay High school 700
9-Jul Michaels High School Girls 160
11-Jul BMC High School 50
11-Jul Uthkarsha Vidyalaya 225
12-Jul MK Trust Madhyamik School 450
12-Jul MK Trust Madhyamik School Marathi 60
13-Jul New English School  300
13-Jul Chembur Karnataka High School 1600
14-Jul Ahilya Vidyalaya 170
14-Jul Ahilya Vidyalaya English 190
15-Jul BMC High School Marathi 65
16-Jul Shivram Singh Sanman Eng HS  465
18-Jul New English School  400
19-Jul Guru Gobind High School 250
19-Jul Janta Vidyalaya 100
20-Jul Mulund High School 300
20-Jul Amarkor High School 400
23-Jul Michaels High School Boys 180
27-Jul National School 100
29-Jul Saraswati Vidyalaya 380
29-Jul Amchi Shaala 250
30-Jul Shivaji Technical School  180
  Total  7956

Breast cancer awareness programs in schools for teachers

126 teachers were given talk at different schools on Breast cancer awareness and Breast self exam. When the school was approached for cancer free tomorrow talk for students, we also spoke to the Principal if we could be given about 15 minutes to talk to teachers. Some schools readily agreed on the same day when we spoke to the students.  Some schools gave us dates and the talks were conducted on the scheduled dates. What was satisfying was many teachers have agreed to come to our centre for pap smear test also.Shivram Singh School, Bhandup                 :               9 teachers
Amarkor School, Bhandup                           :               18 teachers
Shivaji Shikshan, Marathi,Ghatkopar       :               7 teachers
Guru Gobind School,  Vikhroli                     :               18 teachers
Karnataka School, Chembur                        :               24 teachers
Shivaji Shikshan, English, Ghatkopar        :               7   teachers
Vikas School, Vikhroli                                     :               15 teachers
Uthkarsh School, Vikhroli                             :               12 teachers
Vikas English School                                        :               10 teachers

National School                                                 :               6 teachers

Total 126 teachers educated


Cancer free tomorrow talk at Powai English School for Class 6th.  150 students were given the talk.

Oral screening camp for the construction workers at Kalyan. 120 men were given the talk on ill effects of tobacco and general signs & symptoms of cancer. Later they were checked by Dental Sugeons. 10 women were also given a talk on Breast & women specific cancers.

  Cancer awareness talk was given to the construction workers at Mulund. 60 men were made aware of the hazards of smoking & chewing tobacco. What was really sad was many of them were young and were into chewing tobacco for the past so many years. They all wanted a cancer detection camp too.

Our staff Prabhavathi was the past Principal in Janta Vidyalaya school, Worli and she organized for a cancer awareness program. The Management had taken lot of efforts and had printed pamphlets and had given to each student to take it home so that all the parents could attend this program. 250 children were shown the cancer free tomorrow talk and then general cancer awareness talk for the Parents and Teachers were given. There were about 150 men and women who listened attentively. After that the women were given a detailed talk on Breast cancer and Breast self exam.

Breast cancer awareness talk and Breast self exam were taught at the slums for 20 women at Shivaji Nagar. The next day itself 4 women came to the centre for the pap smear test.

Cancer free tomorrow talk at Powai English School for Class 6th.  150 students were given the talk.

Oral screening camp for the construction workers at Kalyan. 120 men were given the talk on ill effects of tobacco and general signs & symptoms of cancer. Later they were checked by Dental Sugeons. 10 women were also given a talk on Breast & women specific cancers.

Cancer awareness talk was given to the construction workers at Mulund. 60 men were made aware of the hazards of smoking & chewing Tobacco. What was really  sad was many of them young and were into chewing tobacco for the past so many years . All of them wanted a detection too.

Our staff Prabhavathi was the past Principal in Janta Vidyalaya school, Worli and she organized for a cancer awareness program. The Management had taken lot of efforts and had printed pamphlets and had given to each student to take it home so that all the parents could attend this program. 250 children were shown the cancer free tomorrow talk and then general cancer awareness talk for the Parents and Teachers were given. There were about 150 men and women who listened attentively. After that the women were given a detailed talk on Breast cancer and Breast self exam.

Breast cancer awareness talk and Breast self exam were taught at the slums for 20 women at Shivaji Nagar. The next day itself 4 women came to the centre for the pap smear test.

Activities in Oct’16



Cancer awareness talk for the students of DAV College, Bhandup was conducted at their conference room. An interactive session with 75 students was very interesting and many of them wanted to volunteer with the Trust. The session went on for more than an hour.


This year too the trust was given a stall space at the Durga Pooja celebrations at Naval Dockyard, Kanjurmarg  for 3 days. Many people visited the stall and eagerly brought the rehab products like bags, pouches etc.


Cancer screening camp was conducted in association with Lions Club of Mumbai Airport. 40 women were screened and pap smear test was done.

14.10.16 -16.10.16

Pudhu Vasantham workshop was held at the centre. 7 women were trained in this workshop. NSS Students from DAV college also got trained and did very well.


25 women were given a talk on Breast cancer at Tunga Gaon, Powai. Three groups were addressed in around the locality. Women were interested and also will be attending the camps at our centre.


150 Construction workers of Marathon Realty at Lower Parel were given a cancer awareness talk emphasizing on ill effects of tobacco.


The teaching staff of DAV college, Bhandup were given a cancer awareness talk in their college. I20 of them attended and thanked the speaker profusely for so much of information they gained by this talk & were also interested for a detection camp. The trust would like to thank Mr. Daniel & Mr. Satish for their initiative in arranging for these programs.


The non teaching staff of DAV college, Bhandup were shown the power point presentation on the signs & symptoms of cancer and 50 of them were present for this talk.


Cancer detection camp was organized in DAV college from 10.am for both teaching & non teaching staff. But sadly only 21 women took benefit despite the tremendous interest shown during the talk, because of which this camp was arranged.


The KAirali Samajam at Naval Dockyard Kanjurmarg, arranged for a cancer awareness program on the occasion of Onam day celebrations. After the cultural events, the 300 odd people were shown the presentation on Cancer. The trust would like to thank Mr. S.K. Peter for arranging this program.

22 Nov

Harbor Cruise was arranged for the patients of Tata hospital on this day. This is an annual event arranged by the Indian Navy and this year the invite came directly to the trust. Since there was some confusion in enrolling the patients (entries were given for the same event to two different NGOs) we had to take some patients from Gadge Maharaj hospice at Dadar. 20 patients in all attended the cruise, which was enjoyed by all. The navy gave sun visors and  patients had snacks on board.

24 Nov 

An awareness talk was given at the Raj Legacy, Mulund wherein 35 maids were addressed. The program was at the initiative of volunteer Meera.

29 Nov 

  1. a) About 25 students of JJ School of Arts were briefed on the activities of trust and later addressed on general cancer awareness with emphasis on breast
  2. b) Detection camp was arranged for 18 women at Reay Road in South Mumbai, organized by Vision Rescue, a NGO working for education of poor kids. About 25 women were spoken to on cancer awareness inside the mobile van used by the NGO for educating.