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Welcome to Vasantha Memorial Trust

It is 22 years championing the cause of cancer !  Vasantha memorial trust was founded in memory of Mrs. Vasantha on 4th Dec 1993 at Trichy. From humble beginnings it grew to handle as many aspects of cancer as possible. The treatment of cancer affected was topmost on the agenda and it is happy that it has been able aid the treatment of 1202 cancer affected directly and many times more indirectly. It is also happy that many of supported ones have reached the shores of cure and their assembly on Cancer victors day , sends in a sense of satisfaction & worthiness to  it and all the involved.

Creating awareness about cancer is the priority number two and quantum wise this has been its largest work. Through its tailor made programs it has reached millions in the country and has reached people across age, educational – social – economic – geographic status. Two of its campaigns occupy a position of pride – Breast Cancer Awareness & Cancer Free tomorrow campaign in schools. Both of these have been received well and have had tremendous impact. 

Cancer Screening is the third aspect and is generally made available to the people who have attended its education sessions. The focus is more on cancers in women. Pap Smear camps & Breast cancer camps are held regularly and close to 700 women have had mammograms sponsored.

It has cancer 3 cancer centres, Vasantha memorial cancer centre. The ones in Mumbai & Coimbatore provide cancer clinics, counseling & rehabilitation. While the one in Chennai is a mini hospital, having a day care ward, lab & facilities for administration of chemotherapy. The facilities here are Free or highly subsidized and are of highest quality.

The fight against cancer & gain in strength over the 2 decades has been possible thanks to trust people at large have reposed in it and have provided moral. Physical & financial support.  Yes this has been a good fight but it is infinitesimally small against a giant killer.  A giant has to be combated by gigantic measures and for this every individual in the community has to get involved. Only together we can conquer cancer.

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31st jan 16
Paint contest - to mark the world cancer day, Rosary school, Santhome, Chennai at 10 am
14th Feb 15
Cancer Victors Day - 150plus victors to assemble & share their tale of triumph amid celebrations
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